17.3-inch 4K UHD Touchscreen Portable Monitor

17.3-inch 4K UHD Touchscreen Portable Monitor 100%DCI-P3 500Nit HDR 1MS Free Sync IPS Screen Game Display For XBOX PS4/5 Switch

The Ultimate Gaming Display: 17.3-inch 4K UHD Touchscreen Portable Monitor

If you’re a gamer, you know the importance of a top-notch display. A great monitor can be the difference between a win and a loss, providing the clarity and responsiveness needed for competitive play. Enter the 17.3-inch 4K UHD Touchscreen Portable Monitor – a powerhouse designed to enhance your gaming experience.

What Makes a Great Gaming Monitor?
Screen Resolution

A higher resolution means more detail. With a 4K UHD resolution, this monitor offers stunning visuals, making every game come to life with sharp, clear images.

Refresh Rate and Response Time
For gaming, a fast refresh rate and low response time are crucial. This monitor boasts a 1MS response time and Free Sync technology, ensuring smooth, tear-free gameplay.

Color Accuracy and Brightness
Color accuracy is vital for immersive gaming. With a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and 500Nit brightness, this monitor delivers vibrant and true-to-life colors.

Connectivity Options
Multiple connectivity options, including HDMI and USB-C, make it easy to hook up your favorite gaming devices, whether it’s an XBOX, PS4/5, or Switch.


Detailed Specifications of the 17.3-inch 4K UHD Touchscreen Portable Monitor
Screen Size and Resolution

At 17.3 inches, this monitor strikes the perfect balance between portability and screen real estate. The 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160) ensures incredibly detailed visuals.

Touchscreen Capabilities
The touchscreen feature adds a layer of interactivity, perfect for strategy games and creative applications.

Color Accuracy (100% DCI-P3)
With 100% DCI-P3 color coverage, expect professional-grade color accuracy, making your games look just as the developers intended.

Brightness (500Nit)
A 500Nit brightness level means the screen remains clear and visible even in well-lit environments.

HDR Support
HDR support enhances the dynamic range of your games, providing deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Response Time (1MS)
A 1MS response time minimizes lag, giving you a competitive edge in fast-paced games.

Free Sync Technology
Free Sync technology eliminates screen tearing and stuttering for a smoother gaming experience.

IPS Screen
An IPS screen ensures consistent colors and wide viewing angles, so your games look great from any angle.

Design and Build Quality
Portability and Build Materials

Crafted with high-quality materials, this monitor is both durable and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go.

Stand and Mounting Options
The included stand is sturdy and adjustable, while VESA mounting options provide flexibility in how you set up your screen.

Port Layout and Accessibility
Ports are conveniently located for easy access, allowing for quick and hassle-free connections.

Display Performance
Visual Clarity and Sharpness

With its 4K resolution, every detail is rendered with stunning clarity, making for a visually impressive gaming experience.

Color Reproduction and Accuracy
The monitor’s 100% DCI-P3 color gamut ensures colors are vivid and accurate, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your games.

Brightness and HDR Performance
High brightness and HDR support make for a vibrant display that brings out the best in your games’ graphics.

Gaming Performance
The 1MS response time and Free Sync technology work together to deliver a smooth, lag-free gaming experience, crucial for competitive play.


Connectivity Options
HDMI Ports

Multiple HDMI ports allow you to connect various devices simultaneously, providing flexibility in your setup.

USB-C Connectivity
USB-C connectivity offers a single-cable solution for video, power, and data transfer, simplifying your gaming setup.

Compatibility with Various Devices
This monitor is compatible with XBOX, PS4/5, Switch, and more, making it a versatile choice for any gamer.

Touchscreen Functionality
Sensitivity and Accuracy

The touchscreen is highly responsive and accurate, making it easy to interact with your games and applications.

Usability in Gaming and Other Applications
While primarily a gaming monitor, the touchscreen feature adds versatility for other uses, such as creative work and productivity tasks.

Gaming Experience
Performance with XBOX

The monitor performs exceptionally well with XBOX, delivering smooth and detailed visuals.

Performance with PS4/5
PS4/5 users will appreciate the sharp graphics and responsive performance, enhancing their gaming sessions.

Performance with Switch
The monitor’s portability makes it a great companion for the Switch, offering a larger screen for handheld gaming.

Real-World Gaming Scenarios and Feedback
Users have reported an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience across various titles, highlighting the monitor’s strengths.


Multimedia and Productivity Uses
Watching Movies and Streaming Content

The 4K resolution and HDR support make this monitor ideal for watching movies and streaming content, providing a cinema-like experience.

Using the Monitor for Work and Productivity
The large, high-resolution screen is perfect for multitasking and productivity, while the touchscreen adds an extra layer of functionality.

Touchscreen Benefits for Creative Tasks
Artists and designers will benefit from the touchscreen’s precision and responsiveness, making it easier to work on detailed projects.

User Experience and Ergonomics
Ease of Use

The monitor is easy to set up and use, with intuitive controls and menus.

Adjustability and Comfort During Long Sessions
Adjustable stands and VESA mounting options ensure you can find the perfect viewing angle for comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Eye-Care Features
Eye-care features reduce strain during long gaming or work sessions, protecting your eyes from fatigue.

Setting Up the Monitor
Unboxing and Initial Setup

The monitor comes with everything you need for a quick and easy setup, including cables and instructions.

Configuration Tips for the Best Performance
Optimize your monitor settings for gaming by adjusting brightness, contrast, and color profiles.

Troubleshooting Common Issues
Common issues, such as connectivity problems or display settings, are easily resolved with simple troubleshooting steps.


Pros and Cons
Advantages of the Monitor

  • Stunning 4K resolution
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Fast response time and Free Sync
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Touchscreen functionality

Potential Drawbacks

  • Higher price point
  • Limited to 17.3 inches
  • Requires a compatible device for HDR

Comparison with Other Monitors
Comparing with Other 4K Gaming Monitors

This monitor stands out with its combination of 4K resolution, touchscreen capabilities, and portability.

Unique Selling Points of This Monitor
Its blend of gaming performance and touchscreen functionality makes it unique in the market.

Customer Reviews and Feedback
Summary of User Experiences

Overall, users are highly satisfied with the monitor’s performance, highlighting its excellent display quality and versatility.

Highlighting Positive and Negative Feedback
Positive feedback often mentions the sharp visuals and responsive touchscreen, while negative feedback is typically about the higher price.

The 17.3-inch 4K UHD Touchscreen Portable Monitor is a fantastic choice for gamers and professionals alike. Its stunning display, responsive performance, and versatile connectivity options make it a standout in the market. Whether you’re gaming, working, or creating, this monitor delivers a top-notch experience.


What devices are compatible with this monitor?

This monitor is compatible with XBOX, PS4/5, Switch, and any device with HDMI or USB-C output.

How to enable HDR on this monitor?
HDR can be enabled through the monitor’s settings menu, often under the display or picture options.

Can this monitor be used for professional color grading?
Yes, its 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy suits it for professional color grading.

What is the warranty period for this monitor?
The warranty period typically ranges from one to three years, depending on the manufacturer.

How do you maintain and clean the touchscreen?
Use a soft, lint-free cloth slightly dampened with water or a screen cleaner to wipe the touchscreen gently.